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Starting Weight: 330 pounds


Last Weigh-in: 341 pounds


This week’s weigh-in: 304.5 pounds

Technically, that wasn’t my last published weigh-in here on the blog, but yes, 341, as much as I am ashamed to admit it publicly, was my weight at the end of my pregnancy. I weighed about 320 when I got pregnant, so I gained right around 20 pounds.


While that top-out number sure makes me cringe, I’m choosing to focus on the fact that in less than four weeks, I’ve lost all the pregnancy weight and then some. I’ve lost a total of 36.5 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks. I’ll take it!


I plan on updating weekly again now that baby has arrived so you all need to be sure to hold me accountable. I can’t wait to get back into the 200s and really kick it into high gear. I ended up with a c-section with him because he was transverse (laying sideways) so my workouts are basically non-existent right now as my body is still recovering and quite tender. I’ll see my doctor in a few weeks and once I get the all-clear, I will start adding in some light workouts. I am thinking walking and swimming sound like a good starting point.


I am also back to tracking my food and calories on My Fitness Pal so hopefully I will be able to keep this postpartum momentum going. I do have increased calorie needs since I am breastfeeding, but it’s still a good idea for me to track so I can manage my portion sizes and stay accountable. I am trying, as usual, to stay away from processed foods and sugar.


Did you weigh-in this week? What are you doing to meet your weight-loss goals?


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Starting Weight: 330 pounds


Last Weigh-in: 320.1 pounds


This week’s weigh-in: 318.8 pounds


So, I went to the doctor’s office on Monday and of course, one of the standard things they look at when you are pregnant is your weight. I happened to lose a little this month which is par for the course for me at this stage of my pregnancy. Mind you, I am NOT actively TRYING to lose weight. I attribute my weight-loss to a picture-perfect diet during pregnancy. I am pretty anal about what I eat-not that I never have something I shouldn’t-but that I am VERY vigilant and concerned with how I am fueling my baby’s growth and want to provide the best start possible for my little one and I work very hard to make that a reality. I have had several criticisms and people who have challenged that I could have a healthy pregnancy at my weight. Well, I have had four so far, so I am proof positive it can be done. No, I am not recommending being pregnant and obese-BUT I am also hoping to show you that it IS possible to be fat AND healthy and have a healthy pregnancy and baby.


If history repeats itself, I expect to maintain or lose a little over the next couple of months and then start putting on a little water weight towards the end. I plan to update you every time I am weighed in at the office, as I am trying not to obsess about any weight-gain, or lack thereof, during my pregnancy which means I am not weighing myself at home. I will be updating monthly for the next couple of months and then my visits will probably increase to every 1-2 weeks towards the end. Once baby comes and I am recovered and in “weight-loss mode” again, I will resume my weekly weigh-ins.


There isn’t really much exciting to report with this weigh-in. I have been following the Brewer’s Diet for pregnancy for the most part (more on that in a future post). I haven’t been following it perfectly, mainly because I can’t eat the amount of food they want you to consume (minimum of 2600 calories per day). I get really big when pregnant and I tend to grow big babies, which means I run out of room to put food very quickly in my pregnancies. Which, for someone like me, if a very good thing. This serves to control my weight-gain, keep my blood sugar even as I am eating smaller portions, but more frequently, and help ensure that I am not pigging out on junk, because I just literally can’t eat a lot right now. It is one pregnancy symptom I certainly don’t mind having.


I also am taking several herbs, vitamins and supplements to be sure baby is getting everything he needs. I plan on doing a post on that in the near future as well, so others can see the plan I have in place for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. You all are going to think I am even nuttier than you already thought when you see all the stuff I take when I am pregnant. Rest assured, that I have done lots and lots of research on this stuff and have the full support of my care providers.


Did you notice how I snuck that little announcement in the last paragraph? That’s right-we also had an ultrasound on Monday and found out the gender of our baby. We will be welcoming yet another baby boy into our home. For my newer readers, that brings the gender division in our house to Boys: Five (including my husband) to Girls: Two (including myself). That’s right, we are expecting our fourth baby boy in a row and we could not be more thrilled. Really.


Yes, that IS what you think it is. Baby boy is definitely NOT shy!


I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. Baby was measuring on track for growth and everything looked great on the scan. My blood pressure was a perfect 109/66. Not much left to do from here on out but wait!


That’s the truth.


Did you weigh-in this week? Have you ever lost weight while pregnant? How is your healthy living journey going? Any new milestones to celebrate?

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Starting Weight: 330 pounds


Last Weigh-in: 296 pounds


This week’s weigh-in: 320.1 pounds


So, it’s been quite a while since I have posted a weigh-in post. This was not really intentional on my part, as our scale was packed away during the move for a better part of that time, and then I got pregnant, so it didn’t seem as important. But, as I have always said here on my blog, I am nothing if not open, honest and real with you.


Ideally, I like to celebrate my victories with you, sure. I love hearing that I am a source of inspiration for you (as much as I sometimes don’t believe it). Truth be told (it’s “the moment of truth” after all, right?), I love all the wonderful, encouraging comments and thoughts everyone leaves when I have a successful week at this weight-loss thing.


And then there are these times. Times when I am downright embarrassed to admit how far I have fallen. Times when I really don’t want to post those numbers and cringe as the comments roll in, so sure that I will get slammed and criticized for how awful I am doing (rarely happens, because you all are just so great!). Times when I know I really have no justification for the number.


You see, it would be so easy to blame it on the baby. Oh, I’m pregnant, so I have a great excuse, right?


Oh, no. WRONG. So very, very wrong.


The only pregnancy I have ever really gained weight with was my first (I do tend to gain a few pounds of water weight at the very end of my pregnancies). I gained 40 pounds with my daughter. Technically, I only gained 29 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight since I lost 11 in the beginning due to nasty morning sickness. But I did gain those 11 back and then 29 more.


With all three of my sons, I didn’t really start gaining weight at until late in the third trimester. For the most part, that was water weight that was gone within a week or two of the birth.


Actually, I can’t blame any of the weight I have gained over the years on being pregnant, at all. I mean, that’s the ultimate excuse, right? And I know many women who can legitimately claim that pregnancy seriously messed with their bodies and their metabolism and they really struggled to take off those pregnancy pounds. I can’t say that though because with each of my pregnancies I have been back down to pre-pregnancy size within a month of the birth. The combination of round the clock breastfeeding, having big babies to begin with and gaining mostly water weight, means it has been very easy for me to lose that baby weight.


Now, don’t be too jealous. Because what that really means is that all of my weight gain has been of my own devices, and because I lived for years with poor habits and have been eating my emotions away for far too long. I have no medical condition related to my weight, so there is no blame to place there either. No, instead, the blame resides squarely on my shoulders and that is an uncomfortable place to be. I have no excuses.


And the same can be said about this weigh-in. I have no excuses.


I am 17 1/2 weeks pregnant today, and I can assure you that I have NOT gained 24 pounds in the last 17 weeks. Truth be told, I ballooned back up to 316 before I even got pregnant. I have gained 4 pounds in 17 weeks, for an average gain of .22 pounds per week, which even for an obese person such as myself, is a very healthy weight-gain for this stage of the game in pregnancy.


Here’s what has happened here: I have always been better at taking care of my kids than I have been at taking care of myself. Which makes complete and total sense if you think about it. I don’t hate my kids like I hate myself (work in pregress, remember?). I don’t think they are unworthy of care, like I have often thought of myself. I try very hard to make food a neutral thing for them so they don’t end up with my emotional attachment to food.


That has always translated to pregnancy. When I am pregnant, 95% of the time, my diet is near perfect. I am hyper-vigilant when pregnant about making sure I am fueling my body with whole, healthy foods and not eating crap.  And surprise of all surprises, most of my weight-gain in pregnancy is the baby and water and it just falls right off, with very little effort on my part, after the baby is born. Very little processed food every touches these lips while pregnant. I eat a very high protein diet, focus on healthy fats, eat LOTS of veggies and plenty of fruits and drink tons of water, and I limit sugar as much as possible.


That, of course, is not something I can say I regularly did outside of pregnancy-at least before I started this journey. Sugar was like my best friend-so trustworthy, always there for me, always provided what I “needed” right when I needed it. Sugar never abandoned me. I could trust sugar. (We’ve already established I have issues, right?)


So what happened with those other 20 pounds? I will tell you what happened. Stuff happened. I reverted to my old eating habits. I found comfort in food in the middle of one of the most stressful times I have experienced in my adult life. I readily admit I had a very hard time adjusting to the idea that we were moving halfway across the country, to a place where we virtually knew no one. The idea of leaving everyone we loved behind still puts me in tears if I dwell on it too long. Not to mention, the stress of packing up and entire house by myself and taking care of all the tiny, little details involved in the move-this was one stressed out mama.


Ask anyone who knows me in real life, I am the type of person who can handle big, crazy, big picture kind of news really, really well. But when it comes down to nitty, gritty details, day in, day out stressors that disrupt my routine-I am like a monster. I physically cannot handle the stress. For the first time in my life, I started having panic attacks. I was a crying mess half the time. It was not pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly.


And then we got here. And then came the stress of living for a week in a hotel and eating out for every meal because none of our stuff was here yet (huge kudos to Allied Moving Co, though, who paid for all that since they arrived later than their guaranteed time). Eating out for three meals a day is not exactly conducive to maintaining a quality diet. Of course, I was pregnant by this time and going through some nasty morning sickness, so all the weight gain came in the weeks leading up to the move.


Reading all of that, it sounds an awful lot like I am making excuses doesn’t it? But I’m not. What I am trying to say is that this is a sad, sad situation for me. The stress of our move made it glaringly obvious that I haven’t conquered my demons at all. No, they are alive and well. Still, when faced with intense stress, I broke down and turned to food for comfort. I continued in bad habits, knowing full well that I was destroying all of the hard work that I had done. I made choices that were counter-productive and nearly un-did everything I had already done.


So what do I do with this information, now that I have put a halt to the insanely rapid weight-gain? The way I see it, I have two choices. I can beat myself over the head with it. I can make myself feel like crap for it and tell myself how hopeless I am and how I should just give up because I am never going to succeed anyway. And I can follow those thought patterns up by sulking in the corner with a plate of brownies.


You know what, though? As ashamed and embarrassed as I am to admit this all to you, I know I’ve tried that unproductive attitude before. And surprisingly enough, it hasn’t worked out so great for me. Instead, when I think like that and backslide a little, or a lot, and berate myself for it, I just sink further into that hole. How sad.


My second choice is to recognize and admit my failure. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment for admitting it in a very public way. The reason I do that though, is to hold myself accountable. When I know I have people watching me I am much more motivated to do my best and succeed at this thing, than if I were doing it on my own. I also know after over a year of blogging about this stuff is that there are a TON of people out there just like me who have those exact same thought processes and who have given up on themselves too. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.


Once I recognize and admit my failure, I have to ask myself what I am going to do about it. Being pregnant makes the choice obvious to me. I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on and get right back into those healthy habits that I have worked so hard to establish. For me, it’s super easy to do because I know someone else is depending on me to do so.


If I wasn’t pregnant though? Who knows if I would even be writing this post and sharing these things with you. I imagine I would still be stuck feeling sorry for myself and my situation and wallowing in that with my best friend. You know…sugar. And I would be so ashamed at what I was doing that it’s possible I would just give up on this blog completely.


Nothing about our situation has really changed. I am still stressed. I am still terribly homesick. I am still testing the waters here and learning the area and trying to find a new church and make new friends and find good relationships for my kids and get my house in order and find new doctors (nearly halfway through my pregnancy and I have had two failed attempts and just found a new doctor on Monday). Deep breath. The only thing different about the stress I had before and during the move and the stress I have now, is that now I am pregnant. I have another little person depending on me to keep it together.


Pregnancy puts everything in a whole new perspective for me. If I am willing to do it for my child, then why not for myself? My children are really extensions of me and if they need anything, it’s a healthy and whole mother. It’s not enough to just take really good care of them and feed them good food and teach them good habits and be sure they stay active and healthy. No, they NEED me to do the same for myself too.


Really, at the very heart of it all, my bad habits and self-pity are very, very selfish. While it may sound selfish to say I need to do this for myself, it’s really one of the most unselfish things to do. I need to focus on myself and my own health so I can be here for a long time for them. As much as it may make me feel like a good mom sometimes to neglect myself and give everything I have to my children, the truth of the matter is that it makes me very, very selfish. I need a little short-term “selfishness” in the form of reserving time and energy to work on my issues, so that in the long-run I can live selflessly and truly give my kids the greatest gift-a healthy mom who is there for them and active with them for a good, long while. My family NEEDS me to be selfish. I am so very thankful for this pregnancy that has given me a renewed sense of purpose and hope for weight-loss journey. Now you all remind me of this once the baby comes, okay?


That’s the truth.


Did you weigh-in this week? How is your healthy living journey going?


Are you like I am, and often feel like giving up on yourself? What have you done to move past that and focus some time and attention on taking care of you?

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Starting Weight: 330 pounds


Last Weigh-in: 296 pounds 


This week’s weigh-in: 295.9 pounds


It’s hard to know what to say about this weigh-in. On the one hand, I am SO relieved that I basically maintained, especially since I gained about 4 pounds in the last month. On the other hand, I am obviously not at a point where I should be anywhere close to content with simply maintaining.


I have a confession to make though. For most of my journey I have been absolutely obsessed with the scale. I have been weighing myself many times a day and torturing myself with whatever that number said. Now, I know my worth and identity don’t come from that number, but it is a really, really hard reality when you feel like you are doing all the right things and the scale doesn’t reflect those efforts.


So, even though I know I’m not defined by the scale, I was allowing my scale define my mood. If I was down my mood was up. If I was up, or heaven forbid, stayed the same, I would get down on myself. Sometimes I used those numbers as a way to push myself harder and see if I could get that blasted thing moving in the right direction. More often than not, though, I let it defeat me, reasoning that all my efforts were not paying off.


In the last couple of months, though, I have decided enough is enough. I put my scale back in my closet and promised myself I would only weigh myself once a week. I was tired of obsessing over what the scale said and cursing myself when it didn’t give me what I wanted.


I have to tell you, this makes me wildly uncomfortable. At least when I was weighing myself obsessively I would have a pretty good idea of what to expect on weigh-in day. I would already start to write my weigh-in post in my head-either celebrating a victory or justifying a failure.


Now though? I am petrified every time I step on the scale. But it happens once a week, I write up my post, and it’s over until the next week. Instead of weighing myself every time I step into the bathroom, I do it on weigh-in day and then forget about it. Until next Wednesday that is, when I get all nervous again.


So, I guess all I can say is that I did feel a tremendous rush a relief today. I figured I had gained because my work-outs have been nil and I know I am dealing with some water-retention/bloating issues due to my best friend TOM being in town. I didn’t gain-and in some miniscule way that is a victory to me.


I have been very diligent with my diet lately. I am trying to compensate for my lack of exercise by making sure my diet is nearly perfect. I have to admit, though, I have been having some serious, wicked sugar cravings the past few weeks.


I am sure it is due to stress and I have wanted to cave many times. And truthfully, I have had a few “treats” (hate that word, because I don’t really see them that way-I am not eating them as a reward). But I also have said no to those things more than I have said yes. I tell myself in the face of my weakness that I am stronger than that. And it usually works.


At any rate, I am simply satisfied with this week’s weigh-in. I know to some of you that sounds so completely strange that I would be content with NOT losing, but to me it shows me that I am winning this battle in the most important place of all-my mind.


Please don’t misunderstand though, I am NOT content staying here. I will keep doing everything I can to get this weight off and make the outside match what I see happening on the inside. I am committed to seeing this through.


The Chick Magnet (my husband, for my newer readers) lost .4 pounds this week. He’s down to 189 from 189.4.  He is really focused on maintaining what he has lost now. At somewhere between 6’1″ and 6’2″, he’s very close to where he needs to be. He looks great. He’s in a size 34″ waist. When he started out he had a few pants that were 46″-48″ waists. His focus now, other than maintaining weight-wise, is just getting more fit and lean and building tone and muscle. He looks SO good and I am SO proud of him!


That’s the truth.


Did you weigh-in this week? Are you making any progress towards living a healthier life or are you struggling like I am? What will you do this week to stay on track or get back on track?

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Starting Weight: 330 pounds


Last Weigh-in: 291.9 pounds 


This week’s weigh-in: 296 pounds


Well, I know you have all been curious since it’s been about a month since my last weigh-in post. For my newer readers, I typically post a weigh-in once a week but this last month has seen some major life changes and I haven’t been able to post before now.


All I can really say is: it is what it is. I can sit here and feel sorry for myself, look at a four pound gain and think horrible, self-deprecating thoughts, throw my hands up in despair and walk away (to the nearest sweet treat I can find, of course). All of these I have done many times in the past.


Or I can look at that number as something to hold me accountable to my goals, something to fuel the fire and push me to work harder in the coming weeks. I can take the information it gives me and use it to love myself rather than hate myself. I have a choice and I choose to fight for myself.


If you’ve been reading for very long, you know that I have really struggled in the past with my thought life and really intensely hating myself and being completely disgusted with myself. I would be lying f I said I didn’t still think those ugly thoughts on occasion. Truth be told (this is the moment of truth after all), I AM terribly disappointed with myself for allowing myself to get off track. I had been doing so well for so long and I allowed myself to get lazy and focus on my chaotic life circumstances rather than my goals.


I am determined to change all of that though. I refuse to let that scale beat me down and tell me I’m not worth the time and effort required to make a healthier life. While those thoughts may sneak their way in, I refuse to let them rule me. I am in charge and I am going to do this thing!


The Chick Magnet (my husband, for my newer readers) had a great weigh-in this week. His weight last month was 197.1. Today he weighed in at 189.4 for a total loss (since April 11) of 7.7 pounds. Woo hoo!


He also won the Biggest Loser competition at his work recently. He had the highest percentage of weight loss over a 6 week period. He lost over 12% of his body weight!!! His prize? Four one-hour sessions with a personal trainer. How awesome is that? He also won a challenge during the competition and his prize was a one-hour massage, which he is giving to me when I get to Florida. Love that guy!


That’s the truth.


Did you weigh-in this week? Are you making any progress towards living a healthier life or are you struggling like I am? What will you do this week to stay on track or get back on track?

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Starting Weight: 330 pounds

Weight Last Week: 299.9 pounds 

This week’s weigh-in: 299.5 pounds


Ugh. Not super-thrilled with my weigh-in today. It’s been a while since I posted a weigh-in post. The last two Sundays were Christmas and New Year’s and I didn’t blog on those days. Honestly, I think I gained a little bit back over Christmas, but I am not sure exactly how much (I think I was around 302) so I am just going to go off of my last weigh-in. So I may have lost more than what it looks like-but only because I gained first.


So, you may be wondering why I am posting this update on a Wednesday. Typically, I update my weight on Sunday, but I have decided to switch to weighing in on Wednesdays for two reasons.


First, with my new goal to unplug all day on Sundays to have some extra time with my family and to spend in prayer and worship, I will not be blogging on Sundays anymore. Second, the new challenge I am participating in does weigh-ins on Wednesday. Plus, I think Weigh-In Wednesday has a nice ring to it, don’t you? 🙂


I am very excited about the new challenge I am doing.

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012


I am joining up with the “Shrink Yo’Self In 2012” challenge over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. The challenge runs from January 1st to Febraury 29th and is a weight-loss and fitness challenge. For the fitness portion you are to do either 20 minutes of vigorous activity 3  times per week or 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 times eachweek.


If you’ll remember, my fitness goal for 2012 was to exercise 4-5 times every week, and pretty much all of my exercise is pretty vigorous I would say, with the amount of sweat and heavy breathing I have going on. TMI? Sorry!


Our assignment for this week was to write out our list of goals. I kind of forgot when I posted them yesterday that I was supposed to be linking up with the challenge today. So I will just link to it here: My Goals for 2012.


My specific goal for the 9 week challenge is to lose 20 pounds. I will continue with my sugar detox  for the remainder of the month of January, slowly add back in some fruits and limited complex carbohydrates in February, increase my water intake, track my calories on My Fitness Pal and of course, keep up with my exercise.


Twenty pounds in 9 weeks is a BIG goal, especially for me since I haven’t seen a 2 pound loss in one week in a while. And now I am challenging myself to lose more than two pounds a week for 9 weeks straight. I am hoping by tracking everything closely and upping the intensity and getting some serious burn during my work-outs that it will be achievable.


What can I say? I’m a dreamer.


The Chick Magnet rocked his weigh-in this week. At last check, he weighed 228.4. As of this morning, he weighed in at 221.4. He lost a total of 7 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks. He has officially soared past the 85-pounds-lost mark, bringing his total weight-loss to a whopping 85.6 pounds. I swear, that man is a machine!


And yes, for the record, I am still jealous!!!


Want to join the challenge? Head over to The Sisterhood to check out the details.


How did your weigh-in go this week? Have you set some new goals for the New Year?

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Starting Weight: 330 pounds

Weight Last Week: 301.4 pounds 

This week’s weigh-in: 299.9 pounds


Oh my goodness y’all, can you not just hear choirs of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus?




Well, I can baby.


First off, I apologize that I have to start this blog post with an apology! Thank you, once again, for hanging in there with me. I have not had internet service for over a week and I am so sorry for not being able to blog this past week. It was a nightmare trying to get our service provider to take care of the situation. Amazingly enough, as soon as we threatened to switch providers, they hopped to. Imagine that!


Now, that that’s out of the way, let me just say YYYYIIIPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am absolutely ecstatic that I finally hit a HUGE milestone that has been such a long time coming. And yes, I really did cry.


This past week’s weigh-in represents several significant goals met on my weight-loss journey. First, I have officially hit 30 pounds lost. It took me a lot longer to do it than I had anticipated, but I m still very pleased with my progress.


Truly, I have never stuck with my weight-loss efforts in the past for nearly this long. And I have you to thank for a lot of that. You bring me such encouragement, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis and I am so grateful for all of you who have encouraged me on my journey.


Second, for the first time since starting this amazing adventure, the FIRST number of my weight has changed! YEAH BABY!!! I know for most people, a number like that on the scale would be completely devastating, and a whole other reason for crying, but for me it represents a HUGE victory. I am determined to NEVER see a 3 at the beginning of my weight again!


Third, I can finally use my treadmill. Way back at the start of this journey, we were gifted a really nice, state-of-the-art, gym quality treadmill. It was such a blessing to us, but unfortunately I have been unable to make use of it because it had a 300-pound weight limit. How sad is that?


I am so excited that I have a new tool available to me now that I think will really help sustain my weight-loss efforts, especially during the long winter months when any kind of outdoor activity is limited. I am, after all, allergic to snow. Just ask my kids.




I also am very proud of the fact that this milestone came as a result of a 1.5 pound loss in the middle of the hardest time of the year to lose weight. At the beginning of November, I had a goal to simply not gain any weight during the holidays. I didn’t even set my sites on losing because I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and I didn’t want to feel deprived and depressed while attending our multitude of holiday parties.


Well, not only was I not deprived or depressed, but over the course of the last two weeks, during which we attended 6 Christmas parties, each with all manner of sweet and savory indulgences, I logged a loss. I couldn’t be more thrilled.


To think that just a little over a month ago, I was so upset at my apparent plateau, that I was seriously considering whether the only other course of action would be bariatric surgery, I am just so, so excited and newly motivated by how things have been going lately.


Am I eating perfectly? No. Am I working out every single day? No. Have I conquered all of my emotional issues that contribute to why I do the things I do? No way.


But what I am doing is making slow and steady progress. I am making consistently better choices and when I slip, I forgive myself and move on. And for me, that’s huge. That’s the difference between giving up completely and persevering. And, baby, I’m going to persevere.


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The Chick Magnet, of course, rocked the house again this week. He hasn’t had my cooking for over a week so he’s back to his usual ways of shedding pounds like there’s no tomorrow. Last week, he weighed in at 232.6 and this week he was at 228.4 for a loss of 4.2 pounds. Only about a pound and a half before he hits 80 pounds lost!






That’s the truth.


Did you weigh-in this week? How did it go? If you posted about it on your blog, feel free to link up in the comments!


If you are like me, December can be an especially crazy month. How do you plan to stay on track in the midst of holiday parties, family get-togethers, carry-ins, and Christmas-time busyness?

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